“He has a keen artistic sense coupled with excellent craftsmanship, so we ended up with kitchen and bathroom that we love unabashedly. I can truly say that working with Kai was the highlight of our remodel”

“Kai is the perfect blend of craftsman and artist. He loves his work and it really shows in his craft.”-

“His craftsmanship is superb and you can just feel the care and passion he puts into every piece.”

“It felt collaborative and fun the whole way, like my thoughts were not only translated but also elevated into live, livable art.”

“I started working with Kai a number of years ago and he has made all of the custom furniture for my interior design projects ever since. He is a perfectionist at his craft and he is an inspiring person to work with…All my clients fall in love with Kai and they want him to keep coming back to make more furniture!”

kaimade woodworking

544 alabama st., san francisco CA 94110